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A Very Warm Welcome to

Munich Motor Works Oman.

At Munich Motor Works Oman - The Premium, Total Care, Car Specialists, we are fully committed to providing an honest and premium Customer Service Experience that impresses, exceeds expectations and provides quality services and exceptional value.   Our genuine parts and services are covered by a warranty. 

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We provide total vehicle care. A full range of services by qualified service advisors and certified technicians.

We carry genuine parts; Brand and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  

Brand Parts come from the manufacturer with the manufacturer’s brand logo. 


OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) comes from the Brand manufacturer or the official supplier to the Brand manufacturer. These parts are made to precise and exact specifications and standards set by the Brand.  The parts are made in Germany by Bosch, Mahle, Hella, Textar, Lemförder, others, and cost less than the Branded parts. 

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Body Shop

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Smart Repair


Wheel Alignment



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Spare Parts

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